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Meeka Bondy’s practice spans the content lifecycle, from the ways that such innovations as AI, AR, VR, and MR influence content creation and development, through to the impact of emerging platforms, networks, devices and apps on content acquisition, licensing and distribution. Serving as a strategic business partner to clients at the intersection of media and technology, she draws on nearly 20 years of executive experience guiding entrepreneurial ventures and innovative transactions at global media and entertainment companies.

In the fall of 2023, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) each ratified new agreements, amending and building upon their collective bargaining agreements with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). The WGA, a union that represents film and TV writers, and SAG-AFTRA, a union that represents actors and performers, sought to protect their members from replacement by generative and non-generative artificial intelligence (AI). These negotiations followed months of strikes from both organizations that effectively halted the making of movies and TV shows for much of 2023. These new agreements take somewhat different approaches—in part because of the nature of what each union is trying to protect—a member’s voice and likeness for SAG-AFTRA vs. written content for WGA. But both agreements contain provisions aimed at protecting the jobs and income of their members. This blog post will provide an overview of key AI provisions in both agreements and how they will apply to the writers, performers, and producers covered by these guild agreements.Continue Reading Generative AI in Movies and TV: How the 2023 SAG-AFTRA and WGA Contracts Address Generative AI

What a great opportunity to speak and learn about today’s hot topics in sports law at New York University, School of Law, Sports Law Association’s 13th Annual Sports Law Colloquium on April 5, 2024. Like Brooklyn Law School’s third annual Sports Law Symposium, Sports Tech: a Sports Lawyer’s Playbook, NYU Law’s Colloquium covered the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on sports, but also delved into sportswashing and the future of college sports. Here are my takeaways from this year’s NYU Sports Law Colloquium.Continue Reading Notes from the Field: NYU Law, Sports Law Association, 13th Annual Sports Law Colloquium

As artificial intelligence (AI) technology becomes ubiquitous, news stories regarding the use (and abuse) of deepfakes—that is, AI-generated media used to impersonate real individuals—are increasingly common.

For example, in January, sexually explicit deepfakes of Taylor Swift proliferated on social media, prompting X (formerly Twitter) to temporarily lock all searches for the singer’s name on its platform to prevent user access to such deepfakes.Continue Reading AI-Generated Deepfakes and the Emerging Legal Landscape

Welcome back to Today’s Most Disruptive Technologies! We turn from quantum computing to a spotlight on multimodal AI. Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to dominate the news and the markets and while some of us are still mulling over existential questions of what it means to be human, AI is about to take yet another fast turn—AI is going multimodal. The next generation of AI will be looking to connect through the very real—and very human—five senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste, not to mention a whole new set of modalities from thermal radiation and haptics to brain waves and who knows what else.Continue Reading Today’s Most Disruptive Technologies: Spotlight on Multimodal AI

Earlier this January, I was an industry attendee and speaker at Digital Hollywood at CES 2024, a one-day, in-person conference that kicks off the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The event showcased the opportunities and challenges facing companies across the media, entertainment, and technology landscape, covering the future of TV, streaming, AI, XR, and advertising. Here are my key takeaways from this year’s 10 sessions.Continue Reading Notes from the Field: Digital Hollywood at CES 2024

Sometimes the best learning experiences are local. After a quick subway ride on the 2 to Borough Hall, I walked into Brooklyn Law School (BLS) for its third annual Sports Law Symposium, presented each year by the Brooklyn Entertainment Sports Law Students and Intellectual Property Law Association. As a speaker and attendee, I was impressed by the substance and caliber of the completely student-organized program. Here are my takeaways from this year’s symposium, Sports Tech: A Sports Lawyer’s Playbook.Continue Reading Notes from the Field: Sports Tech: A Sports Lawyer’s Playbook, Brooklyn Law School Third Annual Sports Law Symposium

Hollywood is no stranger to artificial intelligence, or AI. Filmmakers have relied on AI for decades to enhance and accelerate their audiovisual productions. However, recent advances in CGI, VFX, and AI technology have combined to produce hyper-realistic, AI-generated digital humans that are both wowing audiences and alarming performers across the entertainment industry. AI has become a major sticking point in the stalled SAG-AFTRA negotiations, and celebrities like Tom Hanks find themselves battling a growing flurry of deepfakes they neither created nor authorized. Using AI to duplicate the voice or likeness of actors and musicians is testing the traditional boundaries of copyright and right of publicity law.Continue Reading Deepfakes, Digital Humans, and the Future of Entertainment in the Age of AI

Last week, we attended (and one of us presented at) Digital Hollywood’s first ever AI Summit, a one-day virtual conference centered on the profound impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the entertainment industry. The event shed light on the recent proliferation of generative AI and its transformative effects on content creation, distribution, and consumption.

The speakers discussed the challenges and potential opportunities that AI presents to the industry and what it means for the future of entertainment. Here are the key themes we heard at the summit:Continue Reading Notes From the Field: Digital Hollywood’s AI Summit 2023

Perkins Coie’s Digital Media & Entertainment, Gaming & Sports and Artificial Intelligence industry groups look forward to seeing you at Digital Hollywood’s free virtual summit titled “AI: Breaking the Net” on July 18, 2023. Meeka Bondy, senior counsel and co-chair of the Film and Television industry group, will moderate the following session:

Session III: Generative AI

Welcome to Today’s Most Disruptive Technologies! We kick things off with a Spotlight on Quantum Computing. Artificial intelligence (AI) may be all the buzz today, but the seismic impact that quantum computing could have on the future of technology far exceeds what any of today’s classical computers could accomplish within our lifetimes. Continue Reading Today’s Most Disruptive Technologies: Spotlight on Quantum Computing