We live in a disruptive age, with ever-accelerating advances in technology largely fueling the disruption permeating almost every aspect of our lives.

We created the Age of Disruption blog with the goal of exploring the emerging technologies reshaping society and the business and legal considerations that they raise.

While we are fans of many tech-focused legal blogs, or “blawgs,” many of them focus on particular technologies (such as blockchain or social media) or specific legal issues (such as online marketing or intellectual property). We kept waiting for a blawg that would take a broader look at the potential business and legal consequences of disruptive new technologies; not seeing one emerge, we decided to launch our own!

Our hope is that, with our blawg, we will be able to bring attention to new uses of emerging technologies, highlight potential business and legal risks, and contribute to developing emerging best practices for addressing such risks.

We welcome your comments regarding Age of Disruption, and especially appreciate your feedback on our posts and suggestions for future topics.

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